Larry Robinson's Inlay Techniques on Video

The beginner and intermediate videos are each two and a half hours long, and the advanced video is over two hours.  All are packed with information for anyone interested in making inlays for themselves.  The basic inlaying tape covers tools, materials, design, cutting, routing, gluing and leveling.  A simple butterfly is the project for this tape.

The intermediate tape shows the process of designing and inlaying a more complex vine in a guitar fingerboard, and covers engraving the finished product as well.

The advanced tape is intended for inlayers with some experience under their belts, and deals with inlaying signatures and block lettering, designing lettering both by hand and on a computer, pinstriping the back of a guitar neck, inlaying over the compound curves of an archtop guitar, and finally, three-dimensional inlaying.

There is a little overlap on these tapes, due to the probability that many people will order only the one which reflects their skill level, but they are well worth the list prices of $59.95 for the basic and intermediate tapes, and $49.95 for the advanced tape.

Next are some sources for the videotapes and DVDs.  They can also be ordered directly from Larry Robinson on this website.  The Basic or Intermediate videos or DVDs are $55 US each, and the Advanced ones are $45 US each.  The entire set in video or DVD form is $145.  Prices include shipping.  Mail checks or money orders (International Money Orders only from outside North America) to:

Larry Robinson
PO Box 308
Valley Ford, Ca. 94972

The DVDs are supposed to be playable anywhere but airline in-flight entertainment (!) and China.

Sorry, VHS (NTSC) only, on the tapes.

Buffalo Bros. Guitars
4901 El Camino Real
Carlsbad, CA. 92008
Duke of Pearl
66 Wyndfield Dr.
Hanover, Pa. 17331
 E-Mail Duke of Pearl
Elderly Instruments
PO Box 14210
Lansing, MI 48901 USA
Grizzly Industrial, Inc.
PO Box 2069
Bellingham, WA  98227-2069
Luthier's Mercantile
P.O.Box 774
Healdsburg, Ca. 95448
Rescue Pearl Company
  1551 Duck Hollow Ct.
  Rescue, Ca. 95672
21 N. Shafer St. 
Athens, Oh. 45701

Basic Techniques
$55 for VHS Tape or DVD

Intermediate Techniques
$55 for VHS Tape or DVD

Advanced Techniques
$45 for VHS Tape or DVD

SET of 3
$145 for three VHS

SET of 3
$145 for three DVDs