Larry Robinson

     Larry Robinson started building acoustic guitars in 1972, and electrics in 1975.  After four years at Alembic, Inc., two years at Turner Guitars and five years at Modulus Graphite Guitars, he felt ready to go into business for himself.  For years Larry had been making fine custom instruments for the famous and not-so-famous players of the world, almost unknown beyond the corporate walls, and continued the tradition for a year or so of self-employment, by naming his business "Anonymous Enterprises".  Finally realizing that it was a self-defeating business move, he switched to "Larry Robinson, Fine Custom Inlays".  These days Larry's customers include large corporations, small, low-production shops, single person businesses, collectors, and other people who have heard of his work through the grapevine, and desire to own a Robinson original. 

     Many times in the course of a conversation Larry has heard people tell him that they didn't think he'd produce an inlay for them, because he was either backed up with work for years, or only worked for large companies or was too expensive for their price constraints.  In the majority of cases, none of these fears has proved true.

     At trade shows and even from some customers, people have remarked that Larry's inlays must have been cut by computer, because many of the pieces are so small and fit together so well. 

Larry Robinson
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Valley Ford, CA.
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