Yes, this is the Arabic board that's on my homepage.  This was originally designed to go on the Martin Peacock guitar, #750,000, but they decided to eschew any calligraphy and instead had me put peacocks on the fingerboard.  I liked this design so much that I went ahead and made it anyway.  A customer who saw it wanted it, and he never put it on a guitar.  He passed away and now his mother wants to sell it.

I asked Hamza al Din, the oud player, to write the calligraphy for me, and it says, (right to left) "Music is a spell that casts its glow across the Universe".    The calligraphy is in 18k gold, and the geometric background is mother of pearl and abalone.

Later, gator.  Several abalone species, mother of pearl teeth and some copper dust.


Here's a fairy theme on a fingerboard blank, probably an Olson, as he likes to slot them himself after the inlay is done.  Any scale length could be used on this, or it could just be framed and hung on the wall.  Silver, German silver, wood, copper, paua, pink abalone heart, black mother of pearl, etc. 


Ebony peghead plate with a butterfly inlay on top.  Red abalone, copper, silver, gold dust and lab grown opal.  $480


These dragonflies are on positions 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 15 of a Ryan fingerboard (25.7" scale).  Various shell types and silver were used.


This bouquet of kingwood, paua, white, gold, and black pearl, silver and pink abalone heart is designed to work in a standard Martin peghead, but there is leeway for a different design and tuner placement.

$1150  SOLD

Just to break things up a bit, this mantel ornament has been displayed in the back of my office since I made it in 1993 or so.  The zebras are red abalone and white mother of pearl, on a plate of Brazilian rosewood. 27" x 9".  The plate leans back a little.   


Items for sale

The inlay shape will fit a pickguard outline, but here's another inlay that could just as well be framed and hung on the wall.  Abalone, mother of pearl, dyed stabilized woods, lab grown opal laminates, gold dust copper and silver were all utilized here.


Here's a lovely set of tigers on a Ryan fingerboard, slotted for a 25.7" scale length.  Fret slots don't go to the edges, so it's essentially a bound board.  The critters are white, gold, and black mother of pearl, with a kingwood nose and tongue on the left one, and pink abalone heart eyes on the right one.  $2250

Another Martin plastic pickguard with a large Celtic knot, like the one I put on their #600,000 guitar.  Several species of abalone, mother of pearl and gold dust.  $1650

A slot peghead design in black pearl, white pearl, brown lip, kingwood and paua.

$850  SOLD

Most of these pieces are inlays that I made to take to shows, so my exhibit would have a variety of inlay styles for visitors to see.  Some were made just because I wanted to make them.  As I'm not doing shows anymore, they are all up for sale.

I also have this lovely Santa Cruz 12 string which was built for me in 1990.  Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Honduras mahogany neck, Adirondack spruce top, and my Celtic knot inlays for position markers and peghead.  Gold mother of pearl  SCGC logo.  I believe it has a Fishman pickup in the bridge.  No wear and tear, as it's been in the case almost all the time and has rarely been played.

$10,000  SOLD

A traditional Martin vine on one of their plastic pickguard plates.  Various types of abalone, mother of pearl, and a little copper.  $850

Scots thistle and rose theme, twining around a broadsword.  Silver, copper, various abalones, including paua, kingwood roses.  The ebony plate is outlined for a Martin peghead, but there's room for something different.  $950   SOLD