Meet the Beetles

There is no wood in this guitar anywhere.  The neck is graphite, with a phenolic fingerboard, and the body is cast polyester resin.  It takes eight days to do the casting process, and it's messy, smelly, and generally difficult.

 Originally this guitar was going to be an aquarium scene, with all the fish done in inlay materials. When I found some of these beetles however, my focus changed instantly, as they share many of the same refractive qualities as shell. The first body I attempted to cast was a disaster. I dropped the second one when it was almost finished and it smashed on a concrete floor. This one had some minor issues, but hey, nothing's perfect, and I'm not interested in doing another one. This will have to do.

In 2015 I shipped the guitar to a show in Memphis, and the body was damaged beyond repair during transit.  At some point I may frame all three destroyed bodies and sell them as a triptych, titled "Evolution of a Broken Dream".